autoBind Boolean (default: true)

If set to false the widget will not bind to the data source during initialization. In this case data binding will occur when the change event of the data source is fired. By default the widget will bind to the data source specified in the configuration.

Setting autoBind to false is useful when multiple widgets are bound to the same data source. Disabling automatic binding ensures that the shared data source doesn't make more than one request to the remote service.

Example - disabling automatic binding

<button id="btn">Bind Diagram</button>
<div id="diagram"></div>
    dataSource: [{
      "name": "Telerik",
      "items": [
        {"name": "Kendo"},
        {"name": "NativeScript"}
    template: "#= #",
    layout: "layered",
    autoBind: false

  $("#btn").on("click", function(){
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