to kendo.dataviz.diagram.Shape

The shape, if any, that the connection points to.

Example - configuring the to

<button id="getShapeBtn">Get Target Shape</button>
<div id="diagram"></div>
  var Shape = kendo.dataviz.diagram.Shape;
  var diagram = $("#diagram").data("kendoDiagram");
  var shape1 = diagram.addShape( new Shape({ x: 100, y: 100 }));
  var shape2 = diagram.addShape( new Shape({ x: 300, y: 180 }));

  var connection = new kendo.dataviz.diagram.Connection(shape1, shape2, {
    fromConnector: "left",
    type: "cascading",
    selectable: false


  $("#getShapeBtn").on("click", function(){
/* The result can be observed in the DevTools(F12) console of the browser. */
    console.log("Target shape id: " + diagram.connections[0];
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