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TKCalendar for Xamarin.iOS: Special Slots

With R3 2019 release of Telerik UI for Xamarin TKCalendar for Xamarin.iOS provides the option to define a collection of special and restricted time slots in order to make them noticeable across the timeline of the Day and MultiDay views.

Every SpecialSlot has the following properties:

  • StartDate(NSDate)
  • EndDate(NSDate)
  • IsReadOnly(bool) When set to True the slot is disabled (restricted), meaning the end user wouldn't be able to create or modify appointments at that slot;
  • Style(TKCalendarSpecialSlotStyle): Defines the BackgroundColor of the Special Slot
  • Location(NSString)


TKCalendarDataSource protocol should be implemnted in order to bind TKCalendar with data. This is easy because this protocol contains a single method EventsForDate. The adopter should provide the events specific for the provided date. In addition to add a Special Slots you have to override the SpecialSlotsForDate method

Below you can find a quick example how to create special slots.

public override TKCalendarSpecialSlotProtocol[] SpecialSlotsForDate(TKCalendar calendar, NSDate date)
    var specialslot = new TKCalendarSpecialSlot()
        StartDate= //add start date here,
        EndDate= //add end date here,
        IsReadOnly = true,
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