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Calendar for Xamarin.iOS: Navigation

This document describes the options to navigate between dates in TKCalendar and the related notifications.

There are two methods in TKCalendar used to navigate forward/backward in the calendar: NavigateForward and NavigateBackward:. These methods are context sensitive and the navigation period is specific to the current view mode (e.g. when using a week view the navigation period will be set to one week):


The calendar will not allow navigating to a date outside of the allowed period, specified by the MinDate and MaxDate properties:

this.CalendarView.MinDate = minDate;
this.CalendarView.MaxDate = maxDate;

The NavigateToDate method is used to navigate to specific date within the allowed period:

NSDate date = NSDate.Now;
TkCalendar calendarView = new TKCalendar();
calendarView.NavigateToDate(newDate, true);

You can determine whether a navigation occurred by implementing TKCalendarDelegate protocol.

You should implement the WillNavigateToDate method if you want to be notified before this action occurs and DidNavigateToDate method when action occured.

public override void DidNavigateToDate(TKCalendar calendar, NSDate date)
    base.DidNavigateToDate(calendar, date);
public override void WillNavigateToDate(TKCalendar calendar, NSDate date)
    base.WillNavigateToDate(calendar, date);
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