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Add a Control to Your Project

Show the Telerik Toolbox

In order to show the Telerik Toolbox in Visual Studio and add a control, you should navigate to Telerik > Telerik UI for Xamarin > Open Telerik UI for Xamarin Toolbox.

Figure 1: Show the Telerik UI for Xamarin Toolbox

Enable Telerik Toolbox

Add a Control to Your Project

Embedding the controls from the suite is made as easy as possible and all you need to do is simply drag one of the controls within your XAML file. This will add the control definition and will also map the needed namespace declarations. For the purpose of this example we will add RadListView Control.

Figure 2: Adding Telerik controls to your application

Add Control from Toolbox

Populating RadListView with data

First thing you need to do is to create a data and view model classes:

Example 1: Populating RadListView with data in C#.

        public class SourceItem
            public SourceItem(string name)
                this.Name = name;
            public string Name { get; set; }
        public class ViewModel
            public ViewModel()
                this.Source = new List<SourceItem> { new SourceItem("Tom"), new SourceItem("Anna"), new SourceItem("Peter"), new SourceItem("Teodor"), new SourceItem("Lorenzo"), new SourceItem("Andrea"), new SourceItem("Martin") };
            public List<SourceItem> Source { get; set; }

Update the setup of the ListView you created in Figure 6 to be like:

Example 2: Update the setup of the ListView in XAML.

    <telerikDataControls:RadListView x:Name="listView" ItemsSource="{Binding Source}">
            <local:ViewModel />
                            <Label Margin="10" Text="{Binding Name}" />

The results should be:

Figure 3: Result in Android, iOS and Windows


Next Steps

Now that you have your first Telerik UI for Xamarin control running, you may want to explore the different features, behavior and appearances. Below you can find guidance on getting started with such tasks:

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