Telerik ProgressBar for Xamarin is designed to display progress information to the users during a long-running operation. With the ProgressBar you can track the progress of various tasks. The control has an indeterminate mode and segments support. In addition you can customize it using the Flexible Styling API.

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The ProgressBar is part of Telerik UI for Xamarin, a professional grade UI component library for building modern and feature-rich applications. To try it out sign up for a free 30-day trial.

ProgressBar Overview

Key Features

  • Value and Progress features are used to set and report the progress of a task inside the ProgressBar control.
  • Value range: Define value ranges by setting the minimum and maximum values.
  • Different value display modes: The label that shows the current state of the progress can be set to absolute value, percent, text or fully hidden.
  • Segments support: The ProgressBar can be divided in segments.
  • Render a custom text when ValueDisplayMode is set to Text.
  • Indeterminate mode support: A mode that displays an animation indicating an unspecified amount of waiting time.
  • Different animations: Apply different animation easing and animation duration while changing the value of the ProgressBar.
  • Events for tracking when the progress progress changes and completion.
  • Flexible styling API for customizing the progress fill, track fill, indeterminate fill, label text color, font size and more.

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