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The DataSourceKey attribute is used when a property can have one of many (known in advance) values. This attribute should be used along with a PropertyDataSourceProvider. The attribute defines the following property:

  • Key (object): Specifies the key that is used by PropertyDataSourceProvider of RadDataForm.

Some editors require a list of possible values which the end user will pick one from, e.g. picker editors. These values are provided by a special class that implements the IPropertyDataSourceProvider interface. It has two methods:

  • IList GetSourceForKey(object key): Provides a list of values for properties with specific key defined with the DataSourceKeyAttribute.
  • IList GetSourceForType(Type type): Provides a list of values for a specific property type. This method has less priority than the GetSourceForKey method.

The default implementation of this interface - the PropertyDataSourceProvider class automatically provides values for enum types. In all other cases users have to create their own implementation of the IPropertyDataSourceProvider interface.


Here is the implementation of the IPropertyDataSourceProvider interface that will provide a list of available locations for all properties that have DataSourceKeyAttribute defined with Key="Location".

public class LocationProvider : PropertyDataSourceProvider
    public override IList GetSourceForKey(object key)
        if (key.ToString() == "LocationsSource")
            return new List<string> { "Top", "Bottom", "Left", "Right" };

        return null;

Here is the decoration of the source class properties:

public class LocationData
    [DisplayOptions(Header = "Location")]
    public string Location { get; set; }

And here is the data form setup, you have to specify the property data source provider for the data form:

var dataForm = new RadDataForm
    Source = new LocationData(),
    PropertyDataSourceProvider = new LocationProvider()

dataForm.RegisterEditor("Location", EditorType.PickerEditor);

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