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By default the RadTreeView control's items are expanded and collapsed with an animation. The expand\collapse animations are represented by a TreeViewExpandCollapseAnimation object. This class derives from RadAnimation. The animation direction is controlled by the AnimationType property of the TreeViewExpandCollapseAnimation class. So if you want to change the speed of the expand\collapse you can use the AnimationManager.AnimationSelector attached property.

Change Animation Speed

Example 1: Change animation speed

    <telerik:RadTreeView xmlns:animationNavigation="clr-namespace:Telerik.Windows.Controls.Animation;assembly=Telerik.Windows.Controls.Navigation" > 
                <animationNavigation:TreeViewExpandCollapseAnimation AnimationName="Expand" 
                            Direction="In" SpeedRatio="0.25" /> 
                <animationNavigation:TreeViewExpandCollapseAnimation AnimationName="Collapse" 
                            Direction="Out" SpeedRatio="0.25" /> 
The SpeedRatio property controls the duration. A value of 0.25 means that the animation will play a quarter (25%) of the default animation duration (for example, 15 of 60 seconds). A value of 1, means that the default time will be used. A value of 1.33 means that the animation will be played 33% faster than the default time.

Disable Default Animation in RadTreeView

When you have a large number of subitems it takes a longer time for the animations to complete. In this case you can consider disabling the animation to speed up the expand\collapse performance. To disable the default animations, all you have to do is to set the following attached property to the RadTreeView control:

Example 1: Disable expand\collapse animation

    <telerik:RadTreeView telerik:AnimationManager.IsAnimationEnabled="False"/> 

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