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Key Features

Below you can see the structure of the standard RadTabControl, plus short description of the top-of-the line features. WPF RadTabControl Key Features

This is a list with short descriptions of the top-of-the line features of Telerik's RadTabControl.

  • Tab Content - place any kind of controls inside your tab items and build complex and flexible tabbed user interfaces.

  • Templates – RadTabControl has built in templates support, which gives you the power to fully customize the look & feel of your tab control. Use Expression Blend to edit existing templates or create new ones.

  • Powerful DataBinding - RadTabControl can be bound to various data source types, such as Objects, Collections, XML and WCF services. Read more

  • Header Content – customize the header content of your RadTabControl anyway you want. It is easy to put an image or other type of control inside your tab headers. Read more

  • Multi-line Tabs – group your tab items in different rows, separating them by some specific criteria. Just use the RadTabItem’s property IsBreak. Once set, all tab items which are after that tab will be placed on a new row. Read more

  • Tab Orientation – change the orientation of the tab items by using just a single property. You can then position either horizontally or vertically.

  • Tab Strip Placement – change the position of the tab strip by choosing one of the four possible options: Left, Top, Right and Bottom. Read more

  • Styling and Appearance - Telerik WPF TabControl can be fully customized using Expression Blend. There are also several pre-defined themes that can be used to style the tab control. Furthermore, Telerik unique style building mechanism allows you to change the skin’s color scheme with just a few clicks.

  • UI Automation Support - as the Silverlight platform exposes a full accessibility tree through UIA (UI Automation), Telerik RadControls for Silverlight fully support UI Automation for UI elements access/manipulation, screen readers and other accessibility tools.

  • Enhanced Routed Events Framework - to help your code become even more elegant and concise, we implemented Enhanced Routed Events Framework for RadControls for WPF. This gives you more freedom when you design your applications, since you can write instance handlers as well as class handlers for the routed events of our controls.

  • Expression Blend support – all RadControls for WPF can be easily customized using Expression Blend.

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