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This article describes the release history of the RadRibbonView control.

To see the fixes and features included in our latest official release please refer to our Release History .

Q1 2014

What's Fixed

  • RibbonView does not close its SelectedTab Popup

  • Design-time exceptions

  • Dynamically added controls to the Items property of the RibbonView are placed inside the RibbonTabs header

  • Implicit style doesn't apply on RadRibbonTabs which are added via PRISM

  • NullReferenceException design-time exception is thrown in VS designer

  • RibbonWindow throws a TypeInitializationException when used with VSTO Addin

  • Right Alt key should also activate the Key Tips

  • The Image is displayed on top of the Content

  • VS Designer trows exceptions if a RibbonTab is placed in a UserControl

  • When a view doesn't specify DesignHeight/Width, the RibbonView throws design-time exception if it contains ContextualGroups

  • Does not work correctly when non-transparent grid is used as a content

  • RibbonTitle bar (including the Contextual tab header) goes over the Window Buttons

  • The title is not displayed.

  • The title is not trimmed when resizing

  • Ability to bind the screentip to text and image

  • Expose a property to control the visibility of the background behind the RibbonTab.Headers

  • RibbonView does not extract its template in SL using Blend

  • RibbonGroup Image in collapsed state have white border

  • RibbonView does not show all of its tabs

What's New

  • Add a way to include "Press F1 for help" to screentips

  • Add DataBinding Support for ContextualGroups/ContextualTabs

    This feature is further described in the Contextual Tabs tutorial.

  • Allow hiding the tab headers

    This feature is further described in the Ribbon Tab tutorial.

  • Implement Character Ellipses in the Title

  • Allow multiple gesture keys to be set

    This feature is further described in the Keyboard Support tutorial.

  • The Title of the RadRibbonWindow should be created from the Title and ApplicationName strings of the RibbonView automatically

  • Allow easily customizing the ApplicationButton Width

    Use the RadRibbonView ApplicationButtonStyle property to apply a custom Width on the ApplicationButton as described in the Styling the ApplicationButton tutorial.

  • Add ScreenTip for the Application Button

    Use the RadRibbonView ApplicationButtonStyle property to set a ScreenTip for the ApplicationButton.

  • Ability to bind the screentip to text and image

    This feature is further described in the Screen Tips tutorial.

Q2 2013

What's Fixed

  • Fixed: Allow resizing in a databound RibbonView

  • Fixed: ApplicaionName is not visible

  • Fixed: BackstageSelectedItem not show correctly after theme changed runtime

  • Fixed: Buttons content is placed under the image and is clipped if longer than the RibbonButton itself

  • Fixed: Cannot add RadDocking control without dimensions in the RadRibbonWindow

  • Fixed: Creating RadRibbonWindow in separate STA thread throws an exception

  • Fixed: Don't display the selected content when clicking on a minimized tab while the Backstage menu is opened

  • Fixed: Don't open a ScreenTip while hovering over the DropDownContent of a RibbonSplitButton

  • Fixed: Gallery background and RibbonDropDownButton border are with wrong colors in Expression Dark

  • Fixed: GalleryItems have poorly visible hover effect

  • Fixed: If the BackstageMenu control is used outside the RibbonView control, its visual selection state is incorrect

  • Fixed: If two buttons have the same KeyTip.AccessText and the first button is Collapsed, hitting the AccessText shortcut will still execute its action

  • Fixed: In some themes the background highlighting of a selected collapsed group isn't reset as expected

  • Fixed: KeyTips's AccessText is entered in editable control

  • Fixed: MinMaxClose buttons of the RadRibbonWindow in Windows XP are aligned to bottom

  • Fixed: Misplaced KeyTips when using RibbonWindow on two or more monitors

  • Fixed: Not selected tabs' foreground is wrong when changing implicit themes run time

  • Fixed: Pressing the ApplicationButton does not open the Backstage in some scenarios

  • Fixed: Selection issues when using the MinimizeButton

  • Fixed: System.IO.FileNotFoundException thrown when application runs on window8 with all exceptions enabled in VS

  • Fixed: The Font color of the Application button is hard to read

  • Fixed: The KeyTip AccessText is not displayed when the QAT is databound

  • Fixed: The RadRibbonBackstageItems show empty key tips even if they don't define any value for the KeyTipService.AccessText attached property

  • Fixed: There is NullReferenceException when a styled Window hold the control

  • Fixed: When IsBackstageOpen is initially set to True, the BackstageItems cannot be selected

  • Fixed: When ResizeMode is NoResize or CanMinimize a horizontal white line appears at the bottom of the window

  • Fixed: When the DropDown of a DropDownButton/SplitButton is opened through a KeyTip with two-letter AccessText, the DropDownContent items cannot be properly accessed

  • Fixed: When the RibbonView is placed in a RibbonWindow, there is a space left around the ribbon

  • Fixed: Wrong visual display of disabled BackstageItem

What's New

  • Feature: Consider changing the RibbonSplitButton Windows8 style

  • Feature: Don't display the selected content when clicking on a minimized tab while the Backstage menu is opened

  • Feature: The Backstage focus behavior should be improved

  • Feature: When the Backstage is open the KeyTips should start from its content

Q1 2013

What's Fixed

  • Fixed: When maximizing the Ribbon, groups are not resized as expected

  • Fixed: Blurred images inside button groups

  • Fixed: If the Width property of a RibbonGroup is set, the ribbon scrolling mechanism doesn't work correctly

  • Fixed: Setting the IsSelected to true on RadRibbonTab from a RadRibbonContextualGroup does not work as expected

  • Fixed: Change the RadCollapsiblePanel to display its optimum layout in a CollapsedGroup.DropDown

  • Fixed: RadCollapsiblePanel stops working after some resizing of the ribbon

  • Fixed: Contextual groups hide/show issue

  • Fixed: The ribbon buttons do not center their icon

  • Fixed: The Image and Text of the RibbonButtons cannot be centered

  • Fixed: RadRibbonTabs do not go into "MouseOver" state properly when their MinWidth is set

  • Fixed: Null reference exception when RibbonButton bound to empty text

  • Fixed: Changing DataContext does not remove selected tab content

  • Fixed: The arrow in the Large sized RadRibbonDropDownButton is not positioned correctly

  • Fixed: Activating Window's system menu when clicking in the top half of the ApplicationMenu

  • Fixed: Application menu flickers when it is opened

  • Fixed: Application theme is not applied to classes that inherit from RadRibbonGroup

  • Fixed: Change the RibbonRadioButton Foreground on Selected

  • Fixed: Changing theme in run-time from a RibbonDropDownButton placed in the RibbonView throws exception

  • Fixed: Check for Division by zero in calculating rows in RadRibbonGallery.

  • Fixed: Continious MouseOver near the edge of a RadRibbonGroup

  • Fixed: ContextualGroup Header goes behind the Title of the RadRibbonWindow

  • Fixed: Design time Errors for missing icons when using implicit themes

  • Fixed: Icons are not included correctly in NoXaml dlls and this causes a design time error

  • Fixed: If a RibbonTab contains a Collapsed RibbonGroup, the variants resizing logic doesn't work correctly

  • Fixed: Memory leak

  • Fixed: Misplaced ContextualGroupHeader on activation

  • Fixed: Not showing tab's content when changing the tab's visibility asynchronously

  • Fixed: RadRibbonGallery does not show initially the SelectedItem in databinding scenarios

  • Fixed: RadRibbonSplitButton throws exception.

  • Fixed: RibbonGallery UpDownButtonTitle and MoreButtonTitle properties are not applied in WPF

  • Fixed: Setting the Content of a RibbonSplitButton added to a second RibbonTab throws an exception

  • Fixed: Setting the WindowIconVisibility property throws exception

  • Fixed: Support for browser zooming

  • Fixed: The application menu doesn't reposition itself when the window is resized

  • Fixed: The popup with minimized tabs isn't closed

  • Fixed: The RadRibbonComboBox DropDownContent doesn't display the selected item

  • Fixed: The text in the RadRibbonDropDownButton and RadRibbonSplitButton is not aligned

  • Fixed: There is a black border line under the selected tab

  • Fixed: Tooltip icon should not be streched – ScreenTip

  • Fixed: When group is collapsed, the buttons in the popup are not sized correctly

  • Fixed: When placed in Window with ResizeMode=CanResizeWithGrip, the BackStage does not open and exception is printed in output.

  • Fixed: When RadRibbonDropDownButton is pressed in the Application Menu the menu closes

  • Fixed: When the ribbon is minimized with a double click on a tab header, the QAT menu minimization option isn't updated

  • Fixed: Allow setting an ImageSource as the source of the RibbonWindow.Icon

  • Fixed: The RibbonWindow cannot be moved by dragging the left area of the TitleBar

What's New

  • Feature: Add DialogLauncherCommand functionality to RadRibbonGroup

  • Feature: Make the height of the ribbon flexible

  • Feature: Synchronize the ContextualTabs placement with the corresponding ContextualHeader's Width

  • Feature: New ButtonGroup style

Q3 2012

What's Fixed

  • Fixed: RadRibbonWindow's title is cut, when maximized

  • Fixed: RibbonGroup variants priorities aren't applied as expected throughout the tab

  • Fixed: UI Automation peers don't work if a RibbonView's element is put in a panel

  • Fixed: When RibbonGroup has Visibility = Hidden the keytips of the controls inside it are still shown

Q2 2012

What's Fixed

  • Fixed: AccessText does not show on a RibbonGroup when it is in Collapsed RibbonGroupVariant

  • Fixed: Black Square Occurs when Backstage is Opened in XBAP

  • Fixed: Disable the QAT Minimize the Ribbon option if the ribbon isn't minimizable and change the caption of the item if the ribbon is minimized.

  • Fixed: A ContextualGroup Header isn't moved when displaying a non-contextual collapsed RibbonTab

  • Fixed: Populating a RibbonGroup in xaml causes the designer to switch the selection to the last tab of the ribbon

  • Fixed: When the BackstageMenu is open, the parent Window cannot be resized

  • Fixed: If you click on a KeyTip of a RadMenuItem in the DropDownContent of a DDButton/SplitButton, the DropDown content is closed but the key tips are not

  • Fixed: The RibbonWindow Icon property isn't applied.

  • Fixed: When SplitButton or DropDownButton is used in the ApplicationMenu, the DropDownContent is not placed in the "Recent Documents" section

  • Fixed: KeyTips are not shown on RadRibbonGroups

  • Fixed: Clicking a RibbonButton in ApplicationMenu does not close the menu

  • Fixed: UI Automation peers of the RadRibbonView crash IE

  • Fixed: An exception is thrown when the ribbon contains a ContextualGroup without tabs

  • Fixed: Resizing a RibbonView that contains an active contextual group containing at least one contextual tab, throws an exception

You can examine the Q2 2012 release history in our site.

Q1 2012

What's Fixed

  • Fixed: The style of the RibbonDropDownButton doesn`t load in Expression Blend if the DropDownContent is set

  • Fixed: RadRibbonToggleButton`s text is too light when the button is ON and ExpressionDarkTheme is applied

  • Fixed: The KeyTips of collapsed elements are displayed

  • Fixed: Define the ContextualGroup width accordingly to the width of its header

  • Fixed: When a Group's Visibility is set to Invisible, some spacing is not removed

  • Fixed: The arrow of the DropDownButton of the RadRibbonGallery has wrong layout in Metro and Expression_Dark themes

  • Fixed: Cannot be used in XBAP in Q3 2011

  • Fixed: Wrong state visualization of the RadRibbonToggleButton when the theme is set as an element theme on the RadRibbonView

  • Fixed: KeyTips are not shown when they are set on controls placed in middle-row of the RibbonGroup

  • Fixed: InvalidOperationException occurs when a collapsed RibbonTab has active ContextualGroup

  • Fixed: Add a possibility to choose between MS Office look and MS theme look of the RadRibbonWindow

What's New

  • Feature: RibbonWindow's chrome should be themable

  • Feature: Add databinding support for RibbonGroup.Variants collection

You can examine the Q1 2012 release history in our site.

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