Enable and Disable Menu Items

This topic will show you how to enable and disable menu items. There are several major cases that will serve as examples:

  • Disable all menu items

  • Disable a static menu item

  • Disable a dynamic menu item

Disable all Menu Items

Disabling all menu items can be easily done by just setting the IsEnabled property of the RadMenu parent control to False.

<telerik:RadMenu VerticalAlignment="Top"

This will disable the top-level menu items and they won't be expandable.

Disable a Static Menu Item

To disable a static menu item you just have to set its IsEnabled property to False.

<telerik:RadMenuItem Header="Save as ..."
                       IsEnabled="False" />

Note that disabling an item will prevent it from expanding its child items (if any).

Disable a Dynamic Menu Item

Before you continue reading this topic, you might find useful to take a look at the Binding to Dynamic Data topic.

In order to disable a dynamic menu item you have to bind its IsEnabled property to the appropriate boolean property of your data item. To do this you have to define a ContainerBinding for the HierarchicalDataTemplate, used to display the items. In this way the IsEnabled property of the data item's container (the RadMenuItem) will be bound.

<telerik:HierarchicalDataTemplate x:Key="ItemTemplate"
                  ItemsSource="{Binding SubItems}">
            <telerik:ContainerBinding PropertyName="IsEnabled"
                      Binding="{Binding CanClickItem}" />
    <TextBlock Text="{Binding Text}" />

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