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Modifying Group Panel

RadGridView exposes two properties - GroupPanelBackground and GroupPanelForeground which allow you to make basic modifications of the Group Panel (area).

The GridView also exposes two style properties - GroupPanelStyle and GroupPanelItemStyle. To learn how to use them in order to style the Group Panel read here.

Here you can read more information about the visual structure of the RadGridView.

Setting the GroupPanelBackground

In the following example the group panel background is set to YellowGreen.

<telerik:RadGridView GroupPanelBackground="Coral" /> 
Telerik WPF DataGrid Grouping ModifyingGroupPanel 010

Setting the GroupPanelForeground

Similarly to group panel's background you may also change the group panel's foreground. Consider the following example.

<telerik:RadGridView GroupPanelBackground="Coral" GroupPanelForeground="AntiqueWhite" /> 
And the result is:

Telerik WPF DataGrid Grouping ModifyingGroupPanel 020

Check out the following topics which explain in great details the RadGridView's grouping functionality.

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