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Controlling Appearance

There are a number of ways to customize the look and feel of your RadDocking control. This topic covers some of the most useful of these properties.

  • Use RadPaneGroup to organize your panes. You can group them both run-time or programmatically.

  • Pin/Unpin or Hide/Show all panes via the appropriate RadPaneGroup methods.

  • Set relative size of nested RadPaneGroups using the attached property ProportionalStackPanel.RelativeSize.

  • Use RadSplitContainer to split your panes according to your needs.

  • Change the orientation of your RadSplitContainer to Horizontal or Vertical using its Orientation property as shown here.

  • Control the initial docking positions of your panes via the InitialPosition property of the RadSplitContainer class. Choose between DockedLeft, DockedRight, DockedTop, DockedBottom, FloatingDockable and FloatingOnly. To learn more read this.

  • Specify the size and location of your floating panes using the attached properties RadDocking.FloatingSize and RadDocking.FloatingPosition.

  • Moreover you can change the look and feel of your RadDocking controls completely using styles.

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