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RadCircularProgressBar allows you to specify the degrees of the start and end angles of the progress track and progress indicator. To do so, set the StartAngle and EndAngle properties. The default values of these properties are 0 and 360.

Setting start and end angles

<telerik:RadCircularProgressBar Name="circularProgressBar" Value="0.5" SecondaryValue="0.75" StartAngle="220" EndAngle="500"/> 

Setting start and end angles in code

RadCircularProgressBar radCircularProgressBar = new RadCircularProgressBar(); 
radCircularProgressBar.Value = 0.5; 
radCircularProgressBar.SecondaryValue = 0.75; 
radCircularProgressBar.StartAngle = 220; 
radCircularProgressBar.EndAngle = 500; 
Dim radCircularProgressBar As RadCircularProgressBar = New RadCircularProgressBar() 
radCircularProgressBar.Value = 0.5 
radCircularProgressBar.SecondaryValue = 0.75 
radCircularProgressBar.StartAngle = 220 
radCircularProgressBar.EndAngle = 500 

RadCircularProgressBar with modified angles

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