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Set Drag Visual Offset

The drag visual offset is the offset of the drag visual relative to the drag source element.

The offset can be set in the DragDropManager.DragInitialize event handler, via the DragVisualOffset property of DragInitializeEventArgs.

The DragVisualOffset property can be used in combination with the RelativeStartPoint property of DragInitializeEventArgs in order to calculate and set a proper offset. The RelativeStartPoint property gives you the relative coordinates of the mouse cursor when starting a drag operation.

Example 1: Setting up the view

<Border x:Name="element" Background="#27A306" Width="100" Height="100" telerik:DragDropManager.AllowDrag="True" AllowDrop="True" /> 

Example 2: Setting DragVisualOffset

public MainWindow() 
    DragDropManager.AddDragInitializeHandler(this.element, OnElementDragInitialize); 
private void OnElementDragInitialize(object sender, DragInitializeEventArgs e) 
    e.AllowedEffects = DragDropEffects.All; 
    e.DragVisual = new TextBlock() { Text = "Dragging...", Background = Brushes.Bisque }; 
    e.DragVisualOffset = new Point(e.RelativeStartPoint.X - 25, e.RelativeStartPoint.Y - 25); 
Public Sub New() 
    DragDropManager.AddDragInitializeHandler(Me.element, AddressOf OnElementDragInitialize) 
End Sub 
Private Sub OnElementDragInitialize(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As DragInitializeEventArgs) 
    e.AllowedEffects = DragDropEffects.All 
    e.DragVisual = New TextBlock() With { 
        .Text = "Dragging...", 
        .Background = Brushes.Bisque 
    e.DragVisualOffset = New Point(e.RelativeStartPoint.X - 25, e.RelativeStartPoint.Y - 25) 
End Sub 

WPF Set Drag Visual Offset

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