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The PromptChar is a character used to represent the absence of user input in a RadMaskedInput control. The default value is an underscore. The PromptChar character will be displayed in a RadMaskedInput control for any mask position that the user has not filled in yet.

Example 1: Using the default PromptChar

<telerik:RadMaskedInput x:Name="maskedInput" Mask="####" /> 

Figure 1 : Default prompt character

Default prompt character

When the Value of a RadMaskedInput control contains underscore character, it will be removed when we use the default prompt character. This is because of the default prompt character of the control is underscore character "_". You can alter this behavior by changing the default PromptChar or setting the ValueMode property to IncludePromptAndLiterals or IncludePromptChar.

Example 2 demonstrates how to change the default PromptChar of the control.

Example 2: Change the default prompt char

this.maskedInput.PromptChar = '$'; 

Figure 2: Custom prompt character

Custom prompt character

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