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The HeatMap allows you to visually select its cells by rendering a border around the cell when the selection functionality is enabled.

By default, cell selection is disabled. To enable it, set the SelectionMode, SelectedCellBorderColor and SelectedCellBorderThickness properties of the HeatMap.

In order for the selection cell border to appear, you need to set all three properties.

The SelectionMode property is an enumeration of type HeatMapSelectionMode which provides the following values:

  • (Default) None—The selection is disabled.
  • SingleDataItem—Only a single data item can be selected with interaction.
  • MultipleDataItems—Multiple data items can be selected with interaction.

The SelectedCellBorderColor property is of type Color that gets or sets the color of the selection border.

The SelectedCellBorderThickness property is of type Thickness that gets or sets the thickness of the selection border.

Enabling the selection behavior of the RadHeatMap

<telerik:RadHeatMap SelectionMode="MultipleDataItems" SelectedCellBorderColor="Red" SelectedCellBorderThickness="2" /> 
A HeatMap with its cell selection enabled

WinUI RadHeatMap RadHeatMap with selection enabled

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