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What is WinUI Localization

Localization is the translation of application resources into localized versions for the specific cultures or into customized resources.

The culture of your application is set to your operating system's culture by default. However, you can change it easily from your application:

  1. Open Package.appxmanifest from the Solution Explorer.
  2. Type the desired language code in the Default Language textbox.

WinUI Default Language

Custom Localization

Telerik UI for WinUI allows you to do custom Localization through the LocalizationManager class using your own resource files(.resw) or StringLoader to define the changes you want to make - see the How to Localize article.

You can change the localization in the current assembly using:

  • StringLoader: Uses your own implemented method for localization

  • UserResourceMap: Uses your own created resource file. This file contains a table with keys values where you can set your own values.

You can change the localization for all controls using:

  • GlobalResourceMap: Uses custom resource file.
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