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How to create a pin with text in RadMap


Product Version Product Author
2019.1.219 RadMap for WinForms Hristo Merdjanov


An example demonstrating the MapPin class can be customized to support text.


We will create a custom MapPin implementation overriding its ViewPortChanged and Paint methods. In the ViewPortChanged method we will save the draw rectangle of the element and its location in pixels. The Paint method will be customized so that the text can be actually painted.

Figure 1: Pin with Text


Custom Pin Implementation

public class MyMapPin : MapPin
    private PointL pixelLocation;

    private RectangleL drawRect;

    public MyMapPin(PointG location) : base(location)

    public override void Paint(IGraphics graphics, IMapViewport viewport)
        base.Paint(graphics, viewport);

        object state = graphics.SaveState();
        graphics.TranslateTransform(drawRect.X, drawRect.Y);
        long mapSize = MapTileSystemHelper.MapSize(viewport.ZoomLevel);

        for (int i = 0; i <= viewport.NumberOfWraparounds - 1; i++)
            StringFormat stringFormat = new StringFormat();
            stringFormat.Alignment = TelerikAlignHelper.TranslateAlignment(ContentAlignment.MiddleLeft);
            stringFormat.LineAlignment = TelerikAlignHelper.TranslateLineAlignment(ContentAlignment.MiddleLeft);
            graphics.DrawString(this.Text, new Rectangle(i * System.Convert.ToInt32(mapSize), 0, System.Convert.ToInt32(this.drawRect.Width), System.Convert.ToInt32(this.drawRect.Height)), this.Font, this.ForeColor, stringFormat, Orientation.Horizontal, false);


    public override void ViewportChanged(IMapViewport viewport, ViewportChangeAction action)
        base.ViewportChanged(viewport, action);

        long mapSize = MapTileSystemHelper.MapSize(viewport.ZoomLevel);
        if ((action & ViewportChangeAction.Zoom) != 0)
            this.pixelLocation = MapTileSystemHelper.LatLongToPixelXY(this.Location, viewport.ZoomLevel);

        SizeF size = RadGdiGraphics.MeasurementGraphics.MeasureString(this.Text, this.Font);

        if ((action & ViewportChangeAction.Pan) != 0)
            this.drawRect = new RectangleL((long)(pixelLocation.X - size.Width / (double)2), (long)(pixelLocation.Y - size.Height), (long)(size.Width + 100), (long)size.Height);

Public Class MyMapPin
    Inherits MapPin

    Private pixelLocation As PointL

    Private drawRect As RectangleL

    Public Sub New(ByVal location As PointG)
    End Sub

    Public Overrides Sub Paint(ByVal graphics As IGraphics, ByVal viewport As IMapViewport)

        MyBase.Paint(graphics, viewport)

        Dim state As Object = graphics.SaveState()
        graphics.TranslateTransform(drawRect.X, drawRect.Y)
        Dim mapSize As Long = MapTileSystemHelper.MapSize(viewport.ZoomLevel)

        For i As Integer = 0 To viewport.NumberOfWraparounds - 1

            Dim stringFormat As StringFormat = New StringFormat()
            stringFormat.Alignment = TelerikAlignHelper.TranslateAlignment(ContentAlignment.MiddleLeft)
            stringFormat.LineAlignment = TelerikAlignHelper.TranslateLineAlignment(ContentAlignment.MiddleLeft)
            graphics.DrawString(Me.Text, New Rectangle(i * CInt(mapSize), 0, CInt(Me.drawRect.Width), CInt(Me.drawRect.Height)), Me.Font, Me.ForeColor, stringFormat, Orientation.Horizontal, False)

    End Sub

    Public Overrides Sub ViewportChanged(ByVal viewport As IMapViewport, ByVal action As ViewportChangeAction)

        MyBase.ViewportChanged(viewport, action)

        Dim mapSize As Long = MapTileSystemHelper.MapSize(viewport.ZoomLevel)
        If (action And ViewportChangeAction.Zoom) <> 0 Then
            Me.pixelLocation = MapTileSystemHelper.LatLongToPixelXY(Me.Location, viewport.ZoomLevel)
        End If

        Dim size As SizeF = RadGdiGraphics.MeasurementGraphics.MeasureString(Me.Text, Me.Font)

        If (action And ViewportChangeAction.Pan) <> 0 Then
            Me.drawRect = New RectangleL(pixelLocation.X - size.Width / 2, pixelLocation.Y - size.Height, size.Width + 100, size.Height)
        End If
    End Sub
End Class

Initial Setup

public RadForm1()

    MapLayer pointLayer = new MapLayer("PointG");

    CustomMapPoint element = new CustomMapPoint(new PointG(34.04302, -118.26725));
    element.RadiusInMeters = 100;
    element.BackColor = Color.FromArgb(125, Color.LightBlue);
    element.BorderColor = Color.Red;

Public Class RadMapPinWithTextForm
    Public Sub New()

        Dim pointLayer As MapLayer = New MapLayer("PointG")
        Dim element As MapPin = New MyMapPin(New PointG(34.04302, -118.26725))
        element.Text = "Sample Text"
        element.BackColor = Color.Red
    End Sub

    Private Sub SetupProviders()
        Dim osmProvider As OpenStreetMapProvider = New OpenStreetMapProvider()
    End Sub
End Class

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