Default Layouts

The LayoutType property of RadVirtualKeyboard controls the keyboard layout type. Changing the value will automatically set the MainLayoutPanel property with a predefined value.

The available options in the KeyboardLayoutType enumeration are:

  • Extended - A keyboard layout that includes the functions keys, main keys, home buttons and numpad keyboard groups.

    winforms/virtual-keabord-default-layouts 001

  • Simplified - A keyboard layout that includes the main buttons group with escape key and arrow keys included.

    winforms/virtual-keabord-default-layouts 002

  • Numpad - A keyboard layout that includes the numpad buttons group.

    winforms/virtual-keabord-default-layouts 003

Customizing default layouts

RadVirtualKeyboard arranges its keys in logical layouts which control the specific position for each key. Before proceeding further, it is recommended to get yourself familiar with the Structure and Logical Keyboard Layout of the virtual keyboard.

The following code snippet demonstrates how to add a Z button in the Home layout when using KeyboardLayoutType.Extended:

winforms/virtual-keabord-default-layouts 003

Adding a key to the default Home layout

this.radVirtualKeyboard1.LayoutType = Telerik.WinControls.VirtualKeyboard.KeyboardLayoutType.Extended;
VirtualKeyboardLayoutPanel mainLayoutPanel = this.radVirtualKeyboard1.MainLayoutPanel.KeyboardLayouts[1] as VirtualKeyboardLayoutPanel;
VirtualKeyboardLayout homeLayout = mainLayoutPanel.KeyboardLayouts[1] as VirtualKeyboardLayout;
int keysRowIndex = 2;
int keyColSpan = 3;
int KeyRowSpan = 1;
homeLayout.Rows[keysRowIndex].Keys.Add(new Key((int)Keys.Z, KeyType.Normal, keyColSpan, KeyRowSpan));

Me.radVirtualKeyboard1.LayoutType = Telerik.WinControls.VirtualKeyboard.KeyboardLayoutType.Extended
Dim mainLayoutPanel As VirtualKeyboardLayoutPanel = TryCast(Me.radVirtualKeyboard1.MainLayoutPanel.KeyboardLayouts(1), VirtualKeyboardLayoutPanel)
Dim homeLayout As VirtualKeyboardLayout = TryCast(mainLayoutPanel.KeyboardLayouts(1), VirtualKeyboardLayout)
Dim keysRowIndex As Integer = 2
Dim keyColSpan As Integer = 3
Dim KeyRowSpan As Integer = 1
homeLayout.Rows(keysRowIndex).Keys.Add(New Key(CInt(Windows.Forms.Keys.Z), KeyType.Normal, keyColSpan, KeyRowSpan))

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