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This article shows the inner structure and organization of the elements which build the RadVirtualKeyboard control.

RadVirtualKeyboard has the following elements in its structure:

  • RadVirtualKeyboardElement – the main element of the keyboard control. It hosts a collection of keyboard layouts.
  • ExtendedVirtualKeyboardLayoutPanel - hosts VirtualKeyboardLayouts and other VirtualKeyboardLayoutPanels. It can have horizontal or vertical orientation and the spacing between layouts can be changed. Note that according to the LayoutType the MainLayoutPanel might be ExtendedVirtualKeyboardLayoutPanel, SimplifiedVirtualKeyboardLayoutPanel or NumpadVirtualKeyboardLayoutPanel.
  • VirtualKeyboardLayout - a visual item that hosts the keys of the keyboard, the infrastructure to create new keys, organizes them into logical rows and contains the logical layout implementation. It provides several predefined layouts.
    • Key - represents a single button on a physical keyboard. Letters, numbers, functions, and symbols are all represented on keys.
    • NumpadKey - represents a single button from the NumPad group on a physical keyboard.
    • ToggleKey - represents a single toggleable button on a physical keyboard. Examples for toggle keys are the shift, caps lock, control buttons.

The ToggleKey class inherits LightVisualToggleButtonElement, the Key inherits LightVisualRepeatButtonElement. They both implements the IKey interface.

Figure 1: RadVirtualKeyboard's elements hierarchy

WinForms RadVirtualKeyboard's elements hierarchy

Figure 2: RadVirtualKeyboard's visual structure

WinForms RadVirtualKeyboard's visual structure

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