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Property Description
Direction Gets or sets the direction of rating element paint (Standard, Reversed).
Orientation Gets or sets the orientation of the rating control.
SelectionMode Gets or sets the selection mode of the rating control.
Items Gets the rating items collection.
Value Gets or sets the average value of rating element.
Minimum Gets or sets the minimum value of rating element.
Maximum Gets or sets the maximum value of rating element.
Caption Gets or sets the text of the Caption label.
Subcaption Gets or sets the text of the Sub Caption label.
Description Gets or sets the text of the description label.
RatingElement Gets the instance of RadRatingElement wrapped by this control. RadRatingElement is the main element in the hierarchy tree and encapsulates the actual functionality of RadRating.
ReadOnly Gets or sets whether the rating is ReadOnly. The Value of the element can still be set in ReadOnly mode, nothing else.

RadRatingElement's properties

Property Description
CaptionElement Gets the caption element.
SubCaptionElement Gets the sub caption element.
DescriptionElement Gets the description element.
ElementsLayout Gets the elements layout.
ToolTipFormatString Gets or sets the tool tip format string.
SelectedValue Gets or sets the selected value.
HoverValue Gets or sets the hover value.
ToolTipPrecision Gets or sets the tool tip precision.
PercentageRounding Gets or sets the percentage rounding.
ToolTipOffset Gets or sets the tool tip offset.
ToolTipDuration Gets or sets the duration of the tool tip.
ShowItemToolTips Determines whether the tool tips are shown when hovering the items.


Event Description
ValueChanging Occurs when the value is being changed. Cancelable event.
ValueChanged Occurs before the value of the RatingElement is changed.

You can find below how to set the aforementioned properties and how they affect RadRating:

  • ShowItemToolTips - by default RadRating shows tooltips when hovering the items. The user can disable this functionality by setting ShowItemToolTips property to False:
this.radRating1.ShowItemToolTips = false;

Me.RadRating1.ShowItemToolTips = False

ShowItemToolTips=false ShowItemToolTips=true
rating-properties-and-events 001 rating-properties-and-events 002
  • RightToLeft - RadRating supports RightToLeft functionality. It is disabled by default, so you should enable it:

this.radRating1.RightToLeft = System.Windows.Forms.RightToLeft.Yes;

Me.RadRating1.RightToLeft = System.Windows.Forms.RightToLeft.Yes

RightToLeft=false RightToLeft=true
rating-properties-and-events 003 rating-properties-and-events 011
  • Direction property can be used to control the hover direction.

this.radRating1.Direction = RatingDirection.Reversed;

Me.RadRating1.Direction = RatingDirection.Reversed

Direction=Standard Direction=Reversed
rating-properties-and-events 004 rating-properties-and-events 005
  • Orientation - the default RadRating orientation is Horizontal. It is allowed to change it to Vertical:

this.radRating1.Orientation = Orientation.Vertical;
this.radRating1.AutoSize = true;

Me.RadRating1.Orientation = Orientation.Vertical
Me.RadRating1.AutoSize = True

Orientation=Horizontal Orientation=Vertical
rating-properties-and-events 005 rating-properties-and-events 012
  • Caption, Subcaption and Description – specify texts for the captions of RadRating:

this.radRating1.Caption = "Rate the movie";
this.radRating1.Description = "Description";
this.radRating1.Subcaption = "SubCaption";

Me.RadRating1.Caption = "Rate the movie"
Me.RadRating1.Description = "Description"
Me.RadRating1.Subcaption = "SubCaption"

rating-properties-and-events 013

  • SelectionMode - determines how precisely the user will select the value:


this.radRating1.SelectionMode = Telerik.WinControls.UI.RatingSelectionMode.Precise;

Me.RadRating1.SelectionMode = Telerik.WinControls.UI.RatingSelectionMode.Precise


this.radRating1.SelectionMode = Telerik.WinControls.UI.RatingSelectionMode.HalfItem;

Me.RadRating1.SelectionMode = Telerik.WinControls.UI.RatingSelectionMode.HalfItem


this.radRating1.SelectionMode = Telerik.WinControls.UI.RatingSelectionMode.FullItem;

Me.RadRating1.SelectionMode = Telerik.WinControls.UI.RatingSelectionMode.FullItem

SelectionMode=FullItem SelectionMode=HalfItem SelectionMode=Precise
rating-properties-and-events 006 rating-properties-and-events 014 rating-properties-and-events 015
  • Minimum and Maximum – specifies the range of RadRating:

Specify minimum/maximum

this.radRating1.Minimum = 10;
this.radRating1.Maximum = 40;

Me.RadRating1.Minimum = 10
Me.RadRating1.Maximum = 40

rating-properties-and-events 009rating-properties-and-events 010

  • Value - sets or gets the value of the RadRating:
this.radRating1.Value = 43.4;

Me.RadRating1.Value = 43.4

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