Splitter Buttons

The split panels can be collapsed to a particular direction via the splitter`s navigation buttons.

Figure 1: RadSplitContainer Splitter Buttons

splitcontainer-splitter-buttons 001

In order to use the splitter buttons the following properties need to be set to true.

Show Splitter Buttons

this.radSplitContainer1.EnableCollapsing = true;
this.radSplitContainer1.UseSplitterButtons = true;

Me.RadSplitContainer1.EnableCollapsing = True
Me.RadSplitContainer1.UseSplitterButtons = True

The control also exposes a convenient API for accessing the splitter elements. Each of the splitters can be moved to a position so that it collapses one of its associated panel. The responsible MoveSplitter method receives a splitter element instance and a RadDirection flag as parameters. The splitter`s position can be restored to its previous location with the RestoreSplitterPosition method.

Collapse Splitter

this.radSplitContainer1.MoveSplitter(this.radSplitContainer1.Splitters[0], RadDirection.Left);

Me.RadSplitContainer1.MoveSplitter(Me.RadSplitContainer1.Splitters(0), RadDirection.Left)

Expand Splitter



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