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Property Description
SplitterDistance Gets a value indicating the splitter distance. Never set the value of this property directly.
EnableImmediateResize Gets a value indicating whether the bounds of the split panels should be updated immediately on drag.
SplitContainerElement Gets the split container element.
SplitPanels Gets the collection that contains the split panels.
HasNonCollapsedChild Gets whether the container has a non collapsed child.
HasVisibleSplitPanels Gets whether the container has at least one visible panel.
Orientation Gets or sets a value indicating the horizontal or vertical orientation of the Telerik.WinControls.UI.RadSplitContainer panels.
SplitterWidth Gets or sets the width of a single splitter on the container. Specify zero to prevent displaying any splitters at all.
LayoutStrategy Gets or sets the layout strategy that arranges all the visible SplitPanel children.
Splitters Gets the SplitterCollection.
UseSplitterButtons Enable and Disable navigation buttons.
EnableCollapsing Determines whether the panels can be collapsed when clicking twice on splitter or click once on navigation button.


Method Description
ApplySplitterWidth Applies the desired splitter width across all splitters and delegates the event to all descendant RadSplitContainer instances. This method is used internally.
GetSplitterElementAtPoint Gets SplitterElement which rectangle contains the specified Point.


Event Description
SplitterMoving Occurs when any of the splitters is moving.
SplitterMoved Occurs when any of the splitters is moved.
PanelCollapsing Occurs when some panel is collapsing.
PanelCollapsed Occurs when some panel collapsed.

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