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Appointment Title Formatter

When a visual AppointmentElement is created, RadScheduler uses an AppointmentTitleFormatter to control what text to be displayed in the appointments available into the view. The internally used AppointmentTitleFormatterFactory creates the respective title formatter considering the active view type.


RadScheduler offers the AppointmentTitleFormat property allowing you to specify what information regarding the appointment will be displayed. The default title format is "{6}{2}{7} {8}{3} {4}{0:h:mm tt} - {1:h:mm tt}{5}" where:

  • {0} – Start time

  • {1} – End time

  • {2} – Subject

  • {3} – Location

  • {4} – "<span S>" where S is a style attribute with font-family, font-size and color.*

  • {5} – "</span>"

  • {6} – "<b>"

  • {7} – "</b>"

  • {8} – New line or empty string

The AppointmentBackgroundInfo controls the font style and color that will be used in the {4}{5} construction - "<span> </span>" by its DateTimeColor and DateTimeFont properties. The AppointmentBackgroundInfo.Font property controls the font for the entire text in the appointment element.

WinForms RadScheduler Appointment Title Format

Appointment a = new Appointment();
a.Start = DateTime.Now;
a.End = a.Start.AddHours(3);
a.Summary = "Release planning";
a.Description = "List the tasks for the roadmap";
a.Location = "Sofia";

Dim a As Appointment = New Appointment()
a.Start = DateTime.Now
a.[End] = a.Start.AddHours(3)
a.Summary = "Release planning"
a.Description = "List the tasks for the roadmap"
a.Location = "Sofia"

Specify the title format according to the required information:

this.radScheduler1.AppointmentTitleFormat = "{6}{0:dd-MM-yyyy h:mm tt} - {1:dd-MM-yyyy h:mm tt}{7} {3} {8} {2}";

Me.radScheduler1.AppointmentTitleFormat = "{6}{0:dd-MM-yyyy h:mm tt} - {1:dd-MM-yyyy h:mm tt}{7} {3} {8} {2}"

WinForms RadScheduler Custom Format


The AppointmentElement.ShowAppointmentDescription property controls whether the description will be drawn. By default, it is set to false. It can be set in the AppointmentFormatting event:

private void RadScheduler1_AppointmentFormatting(object sender, SchedulerAppointmentEventArgs e)
    e.AppointmentElement.ShowAppointmentDescription = true;

Private Sub RadScheduler1_AppointmentFormatting(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As SchedulerAppointmentEventArgs)
    e.AppointmentElement.ShowAppointmentDescription = True
End Sub

WinForms RadScheduler Appointment Description


The factory creates the following different formatters according to the view type:


When the SchedulerViewType is Day, MultiDay, Week, WorkWeek a DayViewAppointmentTitleFormatter is used.


When the SchedulerViewType is Month a MonthViewAppointmentTitleFormatter is used.

WinForms RadScheduler MonthViewAppointmentTitleFormatter


When the SchedulerViewType is Timeline a TimelineViewAppointmentTitleFormatter is used.

WinForms RadScheduler TimelineViewAppointmentTitleFormatter

Customize Appointment's Text

A common requirement is to use different colors for the different text parts, e.g. color the time part in blue and the summary in red. This can be achieved by creating a custom AppointmentElement and overriding its CreateAppointmentText method which is expected to return the HTML-like formatted text for the appointment.

public class MyAppointmentElement : AppointmentElement
    public MyAppointmentElement(RadScheduler scheduler, SchedulerView view, IEvent appointment) 
        : base(scheduler, view, appointment)

    protected override string CreateAppointmentText()
        string text = "<html><b><font=Arial><size=12>" + this.Appointment.Summary + "</b><br>" +
            "<i><size=9><color=green><font=Times New Roman>" + string.Format("{0:dd-MM-yyyy hh:mm}", this.Appointment.Start) + " - " +
            "<color=red>" + string.Format("{0:dd-MM-yyyy hh:mm}", this.Appointment.End);

        return text;

Public Class MyAppointmentElement
    Inherits AppointmentElement

    Public Sub New(ByVal scheduler As RadScheduler, ByVal view As SchedulerView, ByVal appointment As IEvent)
        MyBase.New(scheduler, view, appointment)
    End Sub

    Protected Overrides Function CreateAppointmentText() As String
        Dim text As String = "<html><b><font=Arial><size=12>" & Me.Appointment.Summary & "</b><br>" &
            "<i><size=9><color=green><font=Times New Roman>" & String.Format("{0:dd-MM-yyyy hh:mm}",
             Me.Appointment.Start) & " - " & "<color=red>" & String.Format("{0:dd-MM-yyyy hh:mm}", Me.Appointment.[End])
        Return text
    End Function
End Class

Do not forget to replace the custom AppointmentElement with the help of a SchedulerElementProvider.

WinForms RadScheduler Appointment Customized Text

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