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Modify Size of Rows, Columns and Resources

RadScheduler allows you to customize the size of the rows and the columns of the views where this is applicable. Below you can see how to customize each of the available views:

DayView, WeekView and WorkWeekView

Figure 1: Equal Column Width

scheduler-appearance-modifying-size-of-rows-columns-and-resources 001

On the day view you can resize the columns which represent a given day (16 Friday, 17 Saturday, 18 Sunday on the figure above).

Here is how you can make the middle columns three times bigger:

Resize Column

scheduler.ActiveViewType = SchedulerViewType.Day; // this can be changed to either Week or WorkWeek, the ViewElement is always SchedulerDayViewElement
(scheduler.ViewElement as SchedulerDayViewElement).SetColumnWidth(1, 3);

scheduler.ActiveViewType = SchedulerViewType.Day
' this can be changed to either Week or WorkWeek, the ViewElement is always SchedulerDayViewElement
TryCast(scheduler.ViewElement, SchedulerDayViewElement).SetColumnWidth(1, 3)

The actual width of a column will be calculated proportionally according to the values other columns have. The default value of each column is 1. This means that setting a value of 2 for a given column will make it twice as large compared to other columns.

Figure 2:Increased Column Width

scheduler-appearance-modifying-size-of-rows-columns-and-resources 002


Figure 3: Equal Width

scheduler-appearance-modifying-size-of-rows-columns-and-resources 003

In month view both rows and columns are resizable. The rows on the screenshots are May 11-17, May 18-24, May 25-31 and the columns are May 11, 12, 13 ,14 ,15 ,16 ,17 for the first row and 18, 19 and so on for the second row. The approach for this view is similar:

Resize Column

scheduler.ActiveViewType = SchedulerViewType.Month;
(scheduler.ViewElement as SchedulerMonthViewElement).SetColumnWidth(1, 2.5f);
(scheduler.ViewElement as SchedulerMonthViewElement).SetRowHeight(1, 2.5f);

scheduler.ActiveViewType = SchedulerViewType.Month
TryCast(scheduler.ViewElement, SchedulerMonthViewElement).SetColumnWidth(1, 2.5F)
TryCast(scheduler.ViewElement, SchedulerMonthViewElement).SetRowHeight(1, 2.5F)

Figure 4: Increased Column Width

scheduler-appearance-modifying-size-of-rows-columns-and-resources 004


Figure 5: Equal Width

scheduler-appearance-modifying-size-of-rows-columns-and-resources 005

Here we see the columns named as 19-25 may. The same approach can be applied here as well:

Resize Column

scheduler.ActiveViewType = SchedulerViewType.Timeline;
(scheduler.ViewElement as SchedulerTimelineViewElement).SetColumnWidth(1, 3f);

scheduler.ActiveViewType = SchedulerViewType.Timeline
TryCast(scheduler.ViewElement, SchedulerTimelineViewElement).SetColumnWidth(1, 3.0F)

Figure 6: Increased Column Width

scheduler-appearance-modifying-size-of-rows-columns-and-resources 006


Figure 7: Equal Width

scheduler-appearance-modifying-size-of-rows-columns-and-resources 007

Here we see the resources - "Conference Room 112/113". Resizing them can happen as follows:

Resize Resource

scheduler.GroupType = GroupType.Resource;
scheduler.ActiveViewType = SchedulerViewType.Day;
(scheduler.ViewElement as SchedulerDayViewGroupedByResourceElement).SetResourceSize(0, 0.25f);

scheduler.GroupType = GroupType.Resource
scheduler.ActiveViewType = SchedulerViewType.Day
TryCast(scheduler.ViewElement, SchedulerDayViewGroupedByResourceElement).SetResourceSize(0, 0.25F)

Figure 8: Increased Resource Size

scheduler-appearance-modifying-size-of-rows-columns-and-resources 008

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