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Touch Support

RadPanorama supports scrolling and dragging via touch.


Touch scrolling support allows your end-users to smoothly scroll the displayed tiles left or right. You do not need to look for a scroll bar as the pan operation can occur directly on the tiles:

WinForms RadPanorama Touch Scrolling

Touch Zoom in/Zoom out

This multi-touch feature allows you to see all tiles at once by pinching (zooming out) the initial view.

WinForms RadPanorama Touch Zoom

After you find the desired tile in the zoomed-out list of tiles, you should just tap it and RadPanorama will zoom in the corresponding part of the list.

WinForms RadPanorama Double Tap for Zoom

Reordering Tiles

The end-user is allowed to reorder the tiles according to his/her preferences with a single gesture. An outline of the dragged tile is displayed to the user to indicate that a drag’n’drop operation is currently occurring. In addition, the remaining tiles are moved out of the way according to the finger position to indicate the possible drop target.

WinForms RadPanorama Touch Reordering Tiles

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