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Getting Started

Getting started with RadPanorama panorama-getting-started 000 In this video, we are going to see what it takes to get started with the RadPanorama. RadPanorama is a control that displays elements of type RadTileElement in a mosaic manner. This control is inspired by the Metro Start Menu screen of Windows 8.

This article will demonstrate how to get started with RadPanorama. You will be guided through the process of creating a sample application step-by-step.

1. Let’s start by adding the RadPanorama control to the form and setting its Dock property to Fill in the Properties window.

2. Click RadPanorama and a small arrow will appear in the upper right corner. Open the Smart Tag.

3. In the Smart Tag click the Edit Groups link:

panorama-getting-started 001

4. The RadItem Collection Editor will be opened. Add three groups and set their Text properties to: Tile, Live Tiles, Mixed

panorama-getting-started 002

5. Now, navigate to the Items property of each group and add few items in it. In this case the first group will contain only RadTileElements, the second group only RadListTileElements and the third group both types of elements.

panorama-getting-started 003

6. Then click OK to close the editor.

7. Go back to the Smart Tag and check the Show Groups check box.

panorama-getting-started 004

8. Select each tile and in each tile’s Smart Tag, edit its Column, Row, Column Span and Row Span properties.

panorama-getting-started 005

9. Once you are done with the customization of the properties, if the size that the items need is greater than the control size, the scroll bar will automatically be shown:

panorama-getting-started 006

10. The layout is done. You can customize each item according to your needs and also you can subscribe to the Click event of each of them, in order to perform some action upon click. To customize RadLiveTileElements, you can use the Live Tile Editor.

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