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Strip Element Properties

You can use the following properties to change the behavior of the Strip View:

Property Description
ShowItemCloseButton Shows/hides the tabs close button.
ShowItemPinButton Shows/hides the pin button. This button allows you to pin some of the tabs.
StripButtons Controls which strip button are currently visible. Detailed information is available here: Scrolling and Overflow (strip buttons)
ItemAlignment Allows you to align the items.The possible values are: Near, Center, Far.
PreviewItem You can use this property to set the preview item. This item is opened for preview on the far side of the regular items.
WinForms RadPageView pageview-strip-view-properties 001
StripAlignment Allows you to align the entire strip. The possible values are: Bottom, Left, Top, Right.
NewItemVisibility Gets or sets the visibility of the internal NewItem.
AnimatedStripScrolling Determines whether strip scrolling will be animated.
StripScrollingAnimation Gets or sets the easing type of the strip scroll animation.
ItemContainer Gets the container that holds item layout and strip buttons panel.
ItemFitMode Determines the fit mode to be applied when measuring child items.
MultiLineItemFitMode Gets or sets the MultiLineItemFitMode. This mode determines how the multiline layout will behave when control is resizing.

In order to be able to set the above properties you should cast the view element first:

Accessing the RadPageViewStripElement properties

RadPageViewStripElement stripElement = (RadPageViewStripElement)this.radPageView1.ViewElement;
stripElement.StripButtons = StripViewButtons.All;

Dim stripElement As RadPageViewStripElement = DirectCast(Me.radPageView1.ViewElement, RadPageViewStripElement)
stripElement.StripButtons = StripViewButtons.All

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