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Scrolling and Overflow (strip buttons)

The StripButtons property of RadPageView in PageViewMode.Strip allows the user to scroll or get a drop down list of the tabs that overflow the available space. There is also a close button which, when pressed, closes the currently selected page. The StripButtons property is available at PadPageViewStripElement which can be accessed through the ViewElement property when RadPageView is in Strip mode, for example:

Accessing the StripButtons property

RadPageViewStripElement stripElement = (RadPageViewStripElement)this.radPageView1.ViewElement;
stripElement.StripButtons = StripViewButtons.All;

Dim stripElement As RadPageViewStripElement = DirectCast(Me.radPageView1.ViewElement, RadPageViewStripElement)
stripElement.StripButtons = StripViewButtons.All

PageViewMode.Strip supports the following StripButtons modes:

  • All. When this option is selected, RadPageView will display all the available strip buttons - left scroll button, right scroll button, overflow button and close button:

Figure 1: StripViewButtons.All

  • LeftScroll. This option displays only the left scroll button:

Figure 2: StripViewButtons.LeftScroll

  • RightScroll. This option displays only the right scroll button:

Figure 3: StripViewButtons.RightScroll

  • Scroll. Display both left and right scroll buttons:

Figure 4: StripViewButtons.Scroll

  • Close. Displays only the close strip button.

Figure 5: StripViewButtons.Close

  • VS2005Style: Displays both scroll buttons and the close button:

Figure 6: StripViewButtons.VS2005Style

  • ItemList. Displays a drop-down button that invokes a drop-down list of the items:

Figure 7: StripViewButtons.ItemList

  • VS2008Style. Displays the item list drop-down button and the close button.

Figure 8: StripViewButtons.VS2008Style

  • None. Displays no strip buttons:

Figure 9: StripViewButtons.None

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