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Getting Started with WinForms NavigationView

To start using RadNavigationView, just drag it from the toolbox and drop it onto the form.

1. Select the RadNavigationView control and click the small arrow on the top right position in order to open the Smart Tag. It allows you to add/remove pages and adjust the settings relevant for the NavigationView

WinForms RadNavigationView Design Time

2. The Properties section in Visual Studio gives access to the RadPageView Collection Editor:

WinForms RadNavigationView Properties Window

It is possible to add/remove pages, change the page's text, image, etc.

WinForms RadNavigationView Page Collection Editor Window

3. Once you are done with the changes, press the OK button to confirm the changes and close the collection editor:

WinForms RadNavigationView Sample

Now, each page has an associated content area (on the right) where the developer can build whatever design is required for the page. Just select the page and drag the necessary controls.

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