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Property Description
AllowCustomize With this property you can disable the customize mode. This way the user will be not able to edit the layout at runtime.
AllowHiddenItems By default you can hide the items when you are in customize mode and this can be disabled by setting the property to false.
AllowResize When this property is set to true the user will be able to resize the control containers at run time – without opening the customize dialog.
Items This collection contains the currently added items.
DropDownMenu Gives access to the default context menu.
DragOverlayVisible Gets a value which indicates if the drag overlay is visible.
CustomizeDialog Gives you access to the customize dialog instance. You can use it to assign custom dialog as well.


Method Description
AddItem Adds item to the layout. You can directly pass an item or a control instance.
RemoveItem Removes an item. You can pass the item or the contained control as parameter.
HideItem Hides an item, you can pass the item or the contained control as parameter.
ShowCustomizeDialog Shows the customize dialog.
CloseCustomizeDialog Closes the customize dialog.
GetAllItems Returns IEnumerable collection of all the items. With the parameter you can include or exclude the hidden ones. This includes items nested within groups or tabbed groups.
FindItemByControl Returns the item in which specific control is hosted in.


Event Description
StructureChanged Fires when the item position in the control is changed.

RadLayoutControlGroupItem Events

Event Description
Expanded Occurs when the group item is expanded.
Collapsed Occurs when the group item is collapsed.
Expanding Occurs when the group item is about to be expanded.
Collapsing Occurs when the group item is about to be collapsed.

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