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Access Menu Items

This article shows how you can access the menu items. This is useful when you need to hide some items and disable specific functionality.

Hiding the top menu

The following snippet shows how you can hide the top menu which contains the Open, Save, Undo, and Redo buttons.

radImageEditor1.ImageEditorElement.CommandsElement.TopCommandsStackElement.Visibility = ElementVisibility.Collapsed;
radImageEditor1.ImageEditorElement.CommandsElement.TopCommandsStackElement.Visibility = ElementVisibility.Collapsed

Iterating the items

The following snippet shows how you can iterate all items a nd hide a specific menu item.

foreach (var item in radImageEditor1.ImageEditorElement.CommandsElement.CommandsStackElement.Children)
    if (item is RadMenuItem)
        var menuItem = (RadMenuItem)item;
        if (menuItem.Text == "Crop")
            menuItem.Visibility = ElementVisibility.Collapsed;


For Each item In radImageEditor1.ImageEditorElement.CommandsElement.CommandsStackElement.Children
    If TypeOf item Is RadMenuItem Then
        Dim menuItem = CType(item, RadMenuItem)
        If menuItem.Text = "Crop" Then
            menuItem.Visibility = ElementVisibility.Collapsed
        End If

    End If
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