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Properties, Methods and Events

This article contains the most important properties methods and events of RadImageEditor.


Property Description
CurrentBitmap Gets or sets the current bitmap. If you want to open an image for edit use one of the OpenImage methods.
BitmapPath Gets or sets the path that will be used for save operations.
ZoomFactor Gets or sets the zoom factor of the editor.
RadImageEditorElement.CommandsElementWidth Gets or sets the width of the CommandsElement.
RadImageEditorElement.ZoomElementHeight Gets or sets the height of the ZoomElement.


Method Description
OpenImage Opens an image for editing, the method can take a bitmap or file path as parameter.
SaveImage Saves the currently opened image. Optionally you can pass a path or ImageFormat as parameter.
SaveImageAs Opens the SaveFileDialog and allows you to save the image to a specific location.


Method Description
ImageSaved Occurs after the image is saved.
CurrentImageChanged Occurs after a specific operation is performed over the image.

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