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Element Structure

This article shows the ImageEditor structure and elements hierarchy.


Figure 1: RadImageEditor Structure

WinForms RadImageEditor Structure

  1. Open/Save buttons: These buttons allows you to open an existing image and save the current changes.
  2. Undo/Redo buttons: Use these buttons to undo/redo a specific action.
  3. Transform section: The buttons in this section allows you to transform or add content to the image.
  4. Adjust section: This section allows you to change the colors in the image.
  5. Effects section: This section allows you to add some effects.
  6. Zoom Element: You can zoom with this control.
  7. Image Area: This area shows the image along with any applied changes.

Elements Hierarchy

Figure 2: RadImageEditor Elements Hierarchy.

WinForms RadImageEditor Elements Hierarchy

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