GridViewDataColumn descends from GridViewColumn and is the base class for all data bound column types. Using GridViewDataColumn you can find out the data type for the column and other properties that relate specifically to data binding including:

  • Grouping and sorting properties: AllowDragToGroup, AllowGroup, AllowSort, IsGrouped, IsSorted.

  • Naming properties: FieldName is the name of the field the column is associated with. Name is the distinctive name of the column.

  • Data type properties: DataType is the underlying data type for the bound data, e.g. (myColumn.DataType == typeof(string)). DataTypeIsSet indicates if the column DataType property has been assigned.

  • Index is the position of the column within the Columns collection.

  • FormatString allows you to tailor the output of strings, numbers and dates using standard formatting strings.

  • AutoFilterDelay property gets or sets a value in milliseconds that indicates the delay between the last key press and the filtering operation (available since R1 2019 SP1).

See Iterating Columns for an example of using GridViewDataColumn.

See Data Formatting for an example of formatting GridViewDataColumns.

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