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Working with a Single Label

RadialGaugeSingleLabel is suitable to present additional information for the RadRadialGauge, e.g. current value.To add a single label to the gauge, you should add it via the RadradialGauge.Items collection.

Figure 1: Single Label

WinForms RadialGaugeSingleLabel Single Label

You can customize the single label's look by using the following properties:

  • BindValue: Indicates whether the single label's text is bound to the gauge's Value.

  • LocationPercentage: Controls the label's location (x, y) according to the center point. LocationPercentage: Accepts values withing the range [(-1,-1), (1,1)]. On the picture below, the green single label has LocationPercentage = (0, 1).

Figure 2: Location Percentage

WinForms RadialGaugeSingleLabel Location Percentage

  • LabelFontSize: Specifies the label size.

Figure 3: Font Size

WinForms RadialGaugeSingleLabel Font Size

  • LabelFormat: Specifies the label format. By default, it is set to #,##0.#. On the following picture the single label has format N2.

Figure 3: Format

WinForms RadialGaugeSingleLabel Format

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