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Working with needles

RadialGaugeNeedle is a scale indicator that points to a value. To add a needle to the gauge, you should add it via the RadradialGauge. Items collection.

Figure 1: Needle

WinForms RadialGaugeNeedle Needle


  • Value - specifies the needle's value.

Figure 2: Value

WinForms RadialGaugeNeedle Value

  • Thickness: Controls how thick the needle will be rendered.

  • PointRadiusPercentage: Specifies the outer radius of the needle's start point.

  • InnerPointRadiusPercentage: Specifies the inner radius of the needle's start point.

Figure 3: Inner Radius

WinForms RadialGaugeNeedle Inner Radius

  • LenghtPercentage: Controls how long the needle will be rendered.

  • BackLenghtPercentage: The value with which the needle juts out from the center point.

Figure 4: Back Length Percentage

WinForms RadialGaugeNeedle Back Length Percentage

  • BindValue: Indicates whether the needle's value is bound to the gauge's Value.

Figure 5: Bind Value

WinForms RadialGaugeNeedle Bind Value

  • BindOffset: Specifies the value offset of the needle according to the gauge's value.

Figure 6: Offset

WinForms RadialGaugeNeedle Offset


The ValueChanged event fires when the needle's value is modified.

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