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Quick Actions

By default you can add elements in front of or after the tabs. This can be done at design time or at run-time by accessing the LeftItems or RightItems collections. Any element inheriting the base RadItem class can be added to these collections.

Add Items at Design-Time

Buttons can be added directly after typing inside the element with text Type here in the Visual Studio designer.

Figure 1: Add buttons at design time.

WinForms RadTabbedForm Design Time

Other predefined elements can be added using the Collection Editor of the Left/RightItems collections:

Figure 2: Add Elements in Collection Editor

WinForms RadTabbedForm Add Elements in Collection Editor

Add Items at Run-Time

You can add the buttons in the code behind as well. This is demonstrated in the following example.

Adding Buttons Programmatically

this.TabbedFormControl.LeftItems.Add(new RadButtonElement { Text = "button1" });
this.TabbedFormControl.RightItems.Add(new RadButtonElement { Text = "button2" });

Me.TabbedFormControl.LeftItems.Add(New RadButtonElement With {.Text = "button1"})
Me.TabbedFormControl.RightItems.Add(New RadButtonElement With {.Text = "button2"})

Figure 1:Adding Buttons Programmatically.

WinForms RadTabbedForm Adding Buttons Programmatically

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