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This article describes the inner structure and organization of the elements which build the RadDomainUpDown control.

RadDomainUpDown is a derivative of a RadDropDownList. Unlike RadDropDownList, RadDomainUpDown doesn't show a popup with the items:

Figure 1: RadDomainUpDown's elements hierarchy

domainupdown-structure 001

Figure 2: RadDomainUpDown's structure

domainupdown-structure 002

  • RadDomainUpDownElement - the main element that holds the stack container of all inner elements.
    • RadDropDownListEditableAreaElement - holds the text and image when the ReadOnly property is set to true;
      1. RadSpinElementUpButton - a button element that moves to the previous item in the list.
      2. RadSpinElementDownButton - a button element that moves to the next item in the list.
      3. RadDropDownTextBoxElement - holds the text when the ReadOnly property is set to false. It handles the user's input and allows entering free input.

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