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Default Editors

After you populate RadDataFilter with descriptor items, you are ready to build a filter expression. For each filter condition, a filter node is added. Each filter node is composed of a field name, a filter operator and a value. As soon as you click one of the filter node's elements, the editor for this element is activated.

WinForms RadDataFilter Default Editors

The default editor for the field name element and for the operator element is TreeViewDropDownListEditor offering you to select an option from a predefined list of available items. When you try to add a new filter node or modify an existing one, the appropriate editor is activated for the value element considering the DataFilterDescriptorItem.DescriptorType. You can find the default editor types listed below:

Editor Description
TreeViewDropDownListEditor Relevant for the field name element and for the operator element.
TreeViewDateTimeEditor Relevant for DateTime values.
TreeViewSpinEditor Relevant for numeric values.
DataFilterColorPickerEditor Relevant for Color values.
TreeViewTextBoxEditor Default editor for the rest of the value types.

In R1 2017 DataFilterCheckboxEditor was used for Boolean properties. Now, a permanent check box is displayed and the value filter node element doesn't enter in edit mode.

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