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DataFilter Dialog

RadDataFilterDialog can be used as a standalone dialog in order to provide the user an easy way to build an expression without the necessity to have a RadDataFilter on the form.

WinForms RadDataFilter DataFilter Dialog

You can find below a sample code snippet how to show the filter dialog and get its expression after the dialog is closed:

Showing the RadDataFilterDialog

RadDataFilterDialog dialog = new RadDataFilterDialog();
dialog.DataSource = this.ordersBindingSource;
dialog.DataFilter.Expression = "[OrderID] > 10300 AND [EmployeeID] = 2";
string expression = dialog.DataFilter.Expression;

Dim dialog As New RadDataFilterDialog()
dialog.DataSource = Me.ordersBindingSource
dialog.DataFilter.Expression = "[OrderID] > 10300 AND [EmployeeID] = 2"
Dim expression As String = dialog.DataFilter.Expression

If you need to customize the performed action on one of the buttons in the filter dialog you can create a derivative of the RadDataFilterDialog and override the OnOKButtonClick, OnCancelButtonClick or OnApplyButtonClick methods.

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