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Property Description
AutoGenerateDescriptorItems Gets or sets a value indicating whether descriptor items are created automatically when the DataSource is set.
Descriptors A collection of descriptor items used to identify the property names and their corresponding types.
DataSource Gets or set the source collection.
DataFilterElement Gets the main RadDataFilter's element.
Expression Gets or sets the filter expression.
SortFieldNames Gets or sets a value indicating whether the field names will be sorted in the filter criterion's drop down.
Nodes Gets the collection of filter nodes that are assigned to the data filter control.
AllowDragDrop Gets or sets a value indicating whether drag and drop operation with RadDataFilter nodes is enabled.
AllowAdd Gets or sets a value indicating whether adding new nodes is allowed.
AllowRemove Gets or sets a value indicating whether removing nodes is allowed.
AllowEdit Gets or sets a value indicating whether editing is allowed.
ItemHeight Gets or sets the height of the item.
ShowLines Gets or sets a value indicating whether the nodes lines are shown.
LineColor Gets or sets the color of the line.
LineStyle Gets or sets the line style.
ToggleMode Gets or sets a value indicating the default tree view toggle mode.
SortFieldNames Gets or sets a value indicating whether the names of the fields in the drop down should be sorted.
FieldNamesSortStyle Gets or sets a value indicating how the field names are sorted when SortFieldNames is true.

The DataFilterCriteriaElement class also defines three static properties responsible for defining the default sizes of its inner elements:

  • DataFilterCriteriaElement.DefaultFieldWidth: default width of the field element.
  • DataFilterCriteriaElement.DefaultOperatorWidth: default width of the operator element.
  • DataFilterCriteriaElement.DefaultValueWidth: default width of the value element.


Method Description
ApplyFilter Forces the filter to be applied to the source collection.

RadDataFilterElement's Methods

Method Description
AddChildNodes Adds a filter condition with the specified FilterDescriptor and node.
RemoveChildNode(RadTreeNode nodeToRemove) Removes the specified node.
RemoveChildNode(RadTreeNode node, RadTreeNode childNode) Removes the specified node by the given parent node.
ClearChildNodes Clears the filter nodes.
ValidateAddNewNode Returns whether it is possible to add new filter nodes.
GetFieldNames Returns a collection of the field names.
GetEditorType(Type valueType) Returns the relevant editor by the specified type.
GetFieldType(string propertyName) Returns the relevant editor for the specified field.


Event Description
EditorRequired Fires when a specific filter node's element is about to be edited and the editor for it is required.
Editing Occurs when initializing the active editor. If the event is canceled, no further action takes place.
EditorInitialized Fires when the editor has already been initialized. Here is the appropriate place if you need to customize the editor.
Edited Occurs after the filter node is edited.
NodeFormatting Occurs when the filter node changes its state and needs to be formatted.
NodeAdded Occurs when a filter node is added.
NodeAdding Occurs when a filter node is adding. It is cancelable.
NodeRemoved Occurs when a filter node is removed.
NodeRemoving Occurs when a filter node is being removed. It is cancelable.
PropertyDisplayNameNeeded Occurs when a property text is about to be displayed on the screen. Allows the developer to substitute property names with user-friendly display strings.

Note that RadDataFilter is a derivative of RadTreeView. Properties, methods and events relevant for RadTreeView can be used in RadDataFilter as well.

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