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XamlC error XFC0000 - Cannot resolve type "".


Product Version 4.0.0
Product ComboBox for .NET MAUI


This article will giude you for what are the approaches used to workaround the common schema error. In general, the error is not related to the Telerik .NET MAUI controls. It is an issue in .NET MAUI framework when custom controls(controls that are not provided from Microsoft .NET MAUI) are used. The issue is logged here:

Steps to Reproduce

Start using a custom controls library and add a common schema namespace.

Error Message

XamlC error XFC0000: Cannot resolve type "".


You can use one of the following approaches to workaround the behavior:

1. Add a x:Name to the control.

For example:

    <telerik:RadComboBox x:Name="combo"/>

2. Instead of using the schema, add the control's namespace:


And the namespace:

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