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Select Cell on Double Tap


Product Version 5.2.0
Product DataGrid for MAUI


This how-to article describes how to select a cell by using the double click, double tap gesture.


For this purpose we will execute the CellTap command on CellDoubleTap command. So when the user of the application double tapped or double-click on the cell, the item will be selected.

Here is an example how to execute the CellTap command in CellDoubleTap command.

1. Create the needed business objects, for example, the Country type with the following properties:

public class Country
public Country(string name, double population)
    this.Name = name;
    this.Population = population;

public string Name { get; set; }
public double Population { get; set; }

2. Add data to the DataGrid ItemsSource and set the BindingContext:

var source = new ObservableCollection<Country>();
source.Add(new Country("Mozambique", 24692000));
source.Add(new Country("Paraguay", 6725000));
source.Add(new Country("Turkmenistan", 5663000));
source.Add(new Country("Mongolia", 3027000));
source.Add(new Country("Japan", 127000000));
source.Add(new Country("Bulgaria", 7128000));
source.Add(new Country("Chad", 14450000));
source.Add(new Country("Netherlands", 17020000));

this.BindingContext = source;

3. Handle the CellDoubleTap action as a command: 3.1. First, create a class that inherits from the DataGridCommand and set its Id property. 3.2. Override the CanExecute and Execute methods as demonstrated in the example below.

    public class CellDoubleTapUserCommand : DataGridCommand
        public CellDoubleTapUserCommand()
            Id = DataGridCommandId.CellDoubleTap;

        public override void Execute(object parameter)
            this.Owner.CommandService.ExecuteDefaultCommand(DataGridCommandId.CellTap, parameter);

4. Handle the CellTap action as a command, so when you double click on the cell, to not be in edit mode.

    public class CellTapUserCommand : DataGridCommand
        public CellTapUserCommand()
            Id = DataGridCommandId.CellTap;

        public override void Execute(object parameter)


5. Add the CellDoubleTapUserCommand command to the Commands collection of the RadDataGrid instance:

grid.Commands.Add(new CellDoubleTapUserCommand());

6. Define the DataGrid in XAML:

<telerik:RadDataGrid x:Name="grid" ItemsSource="{Binding}"/>

7. Add the telerik namespace:

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