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Enabling Interaction with the Content behind the BusyIndicator

Version Product Author
6.8.0 Telerik UI for .NET MAUI BusyIndicator Yana Kerpecheva


I want to allow the user to interact with the content behind the BusyIndicator when the control's IsBusy property is set to False. How to achieve this?


Telerik .NET MAUI BusyIndicator allows you to indicate that a long-running operation is taking place. When you display the BusyIndicator over other content, the control may prevent the user interaction with that content even when IsBusy is False.

To allow the interaction with the content behind the busy indicator when its IsBusy property is False, set InputTransparent to True and CascadeInputTransparent to False to the RadBusyIndicator instance. In case the BusyIndicator has its Content defined, set InputTransparent to True and CascadeInputTransparent to False to the main layout wrapped in the Content as well.

The example below shows how to utilize the approach with the BusyIndicator. An Entry control is placed below the BusyIndicator and the BusyIndicator's Content is defined. The InputTransparent and CascadeInputTransparent properties are set for both the RadBusyIndicator instance and the Grid to allow interaction with the Entry component behind:

<Grid BackgroundColor="White">
    <Entry Text="This is an Entry placed behind the BusyIndicator"
           VerticalOptions="Start" />
    <telerik:RadBusyIndicator x:Name="BusyIndicator"
            <Grid InputTransparent="True"
                <Entry Text="This is the Content of the RadBusyIndicator control displayed when the indicator is not busy." 
                       TextColor="Black" />

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