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Visual Studio Extensions

Visual Studio Extensions for Telerik UI for .NET MAUI aim to help developers when creating .NET MAUI Application with Telerik .NET MAUI components.

The extensions handle the following major points in the development with Telerik UI for .NET MAUI:

  • Project creation: Through the Telerik .NET MAUI App and Telerik .NET MAUI Blank App project templates you can quickly create an application pre-configured to use Telerik UI for .NET MAUI;

  • Toolbox support: Telerik UI for .NET MAUI Toolbox will ease the process of adding Telerik controls to your .NET MAUI application.


Visual Studio installation needs to have the following components included:

  • Mobile Development with .NET workload with .NET MAUI component;

  • Text Template Transformation individual component;

Using the Telerik .NET MAUI App project templates

Both Telerik .NET MAUI App project templates are installed as part of the Telerik UI for .NET MSI installation.

When you finish with the automatic installation, you're ready to utilize the project template:

  1. Open Visual Studio and choose "Create a new project" option;

  2. Search for "maui":

  3. There are two project templates you can utilize:

    • Telerik .NET MAUI App - Configurable Wizard—different predefined application templates that include the Telerik .NET MAUI suite set up.
    • Telerik .NET MAUI Blank App—a blank project for creating .NET MAUI app that includes the Telerik .NET MAUI suite set up.
  4. "Configure your new project" screen gives you the option to set the project name and location:

  5. Next step depends on the project template you've chosen:

    • Telerik .NET MAUI App - Configurable Wizard—provides an additional screen for choosing predefined application template:

    • Telerik .NET MAUI Blank App—directly creates a blank solution.
  6. Visual Studio opens the solution directly configured to use our .NET MAUI controls - Telerik.UI.for.Maui nuget package is installed.

If you do not have the Telerik Nuget Server set up in Visual Studio, a message will pop up, so you can enter your Telerik credentials and the Telerik Nuget Server will be automatically configured as nuget source in Visual Studio:

Here is the result after running the app:


Nuget package restore failed


Telerik Nuget Server has not been properly configured.

Suggested solution:

  1. Manually add the Telerik Nuget Server as a nuget package source in Visual Studio following the instructions here: Installing with NuGet.

  2. Go to the solution in Visual Studio and choose "Restore NuGet Packages" from the context menu.

  3. Clean and rebuild the solution.

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