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Migrate from Xamarin.Forms

Overall, Telerik .NET MAUI DataForm control is a complete new control with new API, improvements and flexible styling mechanisum implemented.

Compared API changes in Xamarin.Forms DataForm and .NET MAUI DataForm are described in the table below:

Xamarin DataForm .NET MAUI DataForm
Source gets the data directly from the set BidingContext
Telerik.XamarinForms.Common.DataAnnotations System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.DatаAnnotations
Validation modes - Immediate, OnLostFocus, Manual Validation modes - PropertyChanged, LostFocus, Explicit
FormValidationCompleted,PropertyValidationCompleted -
ValidateAll, ValidateProperty ValidateChanges
- ValidateCommand, CancelCommand, CommitCommand
Commit modes - Immediate, OnLostFocus, Manual Commit modes - PropertyChanged, LostFocus, Explicit
CommitAll, CommitProperty CommitChanges
- CancelChanges
DataFormGroupStackLayoutDefinition DataFormVerticalStackLayout
DataFormGroupGridLayoutDefinition DataFormGridLayout
- DataFormCustomLayout

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