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JustMock Video Onboarding

Telerik JustMock has its own video getting started experience available to both active trial users and active license holders in Virtual Classroom. The training course is developed to help you get started with Telerik JustMock and its features. It aims to put you in the shoes of an engineer who uses mocking to create simulated versions of objects or methods for testing purposes.

The process starts by installing Telerik JustMock, adding it to an existing project, enabling the Profiler, and then creating a simple mock. After completing several basic scenarios related to mocking public methods and properties you'll get into the more advanced examples, like non-public, static, linq, and future mocking. Finally, the course will explore how to debug tests and implement continuous integration.

Course Overview

The next video introduces Telerik JustMock and unveils what you can achieve with JustMock.

Creating a Simple Mock

This video explains how to create a simple mock or a so called dummy object.

Onboarding Modules

The Telerik JustMock technical online training has an approximate duration of 1.5 hours and is split into eight modules with the following learning path:

  • Chapter 1: Welcome (A quick introduction to JustMock)
  • Chapter 2: Getting Started (Overview, Installation, Adding JustMock to a project, Creating a simple mock)
  • Chapter 3: Basic Scenarios (Mocking public methods, Mocking public properties, Mocking generics, Mocking Ref and Out Parameters, Mocking async methods, JustMock behaviors, JustMock expectations, JustMock assertions, JustMock automocking)
  • Chapter 4: Advanced Scenarios (Non-public mocking, Static mocking, Linq mocking, Future mocking)
  • Chapter 5: Debugging (Debugging tests)
  • Chapter 6: Continuous Integration (JustMock in CI pipelines)

If you wish to learn more and continue with the video onboarding enroll in the training in the Progress Virtual Classroom.

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