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What is a CMap

A CMap specifies the mapping from character codes to character selectors and serves the role of a font encoding.

The CMaps are usually fully embedded into the PDF document and obtained from it during the reading of the content. A CMap can be also defined by a PDF name object, where the name identifies a well-known predefined CMap. The list of predefined cmaps can be found at https://github.com/adobe-type-tools/cmap-resources.

Working with Documents Containing Predefined CMap Tables

PdfProcessing enables you to use a default implementation for the known predefined CMap tables and you can also create a custom one if you encounter specific scenario in which the resources are not available for the default class.

Default Implementation

The Telerik[.Windows].Documents.CMapUtils.dll assembly provides a default implementation for obtaining the data of a predefined CMap table by a given name. The class that contains implementations for all the CMap tables defined by the PDF Format Specification is called PredefinedCMapsProvider. In order to register an instance of the default implementation, the FixedExtensibilityManager class should be used.

To use this functionality, you must add a reference to the Telerik[.Windows].Documents.CMapUtils.dll.

Example 1: Register default CMapsProvider

// For .NET Framework 
Telerik.Windows.Documents.Extensibility.FixedExtensibilityManager.PredefinedCMapsProvider = new Telerik.Windows.Documents.CMapUtils.PredefinedCMapsProvider(); 
// For .NET Standard 
Telerik.Windows.Documents.Extensibility.FixedExtensibilityManager.PredefinedCMapsProvider = new Telerik.Documents.CMapUtils.PredefinedCMapsProvider(); 
After registering the PredefinedCMapsProvider class, you will be able to import any document containing a predefined CMap table.

Creating a Custom Implementation

The deafult implementation covers the majority of the scenarios but in some pretty rare cases, users might need to provide a custom CMap. The API enables you also create a custom implementation for a CMap provider so you can provide the data for the custom CMap table. To achieve that, you will need to inherit the PredefinedCMapsProviderBase abstract class and implement the following members:

  • byte[] GetCidCMapData(string name): Used to retrieve the character code to CID mapping of a predefined CMap. It should return the the CMap resource data depending on the specified name.
  • byte[] GetUnicodeCMapData(string name): Used to retrieve the character code to Unicode mapping of a predefined CMap. It should return the the CMap resource data depending on the specified name.

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